Katsura Kogorō was one of the key players of the Meiji Restoration of the mid-1800s. He, along with Sakamoto Ryōma, was able to broker peace with the rival Satsuma and Chōshū clans and combine their strength in the fight to overthrow the Tokugawa government. After the revolution, he became a statesman in the new Meiji government and promoted a modern constitutional system of rule.

This amulet is designed like a haori jacket, with Kogorō's family crest on the front and back. It comes from the Kyōto Ryōzen Shrine for the War Dead, where he and many other Meiji revolutionaries are buried.

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Japanese Text
Back 京都霊山護国神社 Kyōto Ryōzen Gokoku Jinja - 桂 小五郎 Katsura Kogorō
Back Kyōto Ryōzen Gokoku Shrine - Katsura Kogorō

Katsura Kogorō Family Crest

  • ¥1,600