Sakamoto Ryōma is one of the most famous Japanese folk heroes. He was a samurai who played a major role during the tumultuous years of the mid-1800's leading up to the Meiji Restoration, helping to bring about the modernization of the country. This amulet is designed like a haori jacket and features his family crest on the front and back. It comes from the Kyōto Ryōzen Shrine to the War Dead, where Sakamoto and many other Meiji era revolutionaries have their graves.

You can read more about Sakamoto Ryōma here.

Japanese Text
Back 京都霊山護国神社 Kyōto Ryōzen Gokoku Jinja
Back Kyōto Ryōzen Gokoku Shrine

Sakamoto Ryōma Family Crest

  • ¥1,600