An amulet for those with big dreams who also happen to be a fan of the Kanjani Eight music group! While the front reads "Dreams Granted," the back has a bit of wordplay going on. The characters read "In Gratitude" (kansha ni), which can also be creatively pronounced as "Kanjani." Along with the trademark sideways 8 symbol, the amulet is a reference to the Kanjani Eight group.

Japanese Text
Back 感謝に∞の愛 Kansha ni (Kanjani) Eight no Ai 尼崎えびす神社 Amagasaki Ebisu Jinja
Front 夢叶 Yumeka
Back Love for Kanjani 8 Amagasaki Ebisu Shrine
Front Dreams Granted

Dreams Come True / Kanjani 8

  • ¥1,050